Model independent calculation of \({\cal{B}}({\bar{B}}^0\rightarrow D^{(*)+} \tau^-{\bar{\nu}})/{\cal{B}}({\bar{B}}^0\rightarrow D^{(*)+} e^-{\bar{\nu}})\)

  • D.S. Hwang
  • D.-W. Kim
Theoretical physics


Using the formulas for the \({\mathrm{d}}\Gamma /{\mathrm{d}}q^2\) distribution with non-zero lepton mass and experimentally determined form factors, we calculate the \({\mathrm{d}}\Gamma (D^{(*)+} l^-{\bar{\nu}})/ {\mathrm{d}}q^2\) spectra and branching fractions for l = e, \(\mu\) and \(\tau\). We obtain the results \({\cal{B}}({\bar{B}}^0\rightarrow D^{+} \tau^-{\bar{\nu}})/ {\cal{B}}({\bar{B}}^0\rightarrow D^{+}e^-{\bar{\nu}})= 0.278^{+0.049}_{-0.035}\) and \({\cal{B}}({\bar{B}}^0\rightarrow D^{*+} \tau^-{\bar{\nu}})/{\cal{B}}({\bar{B}}^0\rightarrow D^{*+} e^-{\bar{\nu}})=0.256^{+0.014}_{-0.013}\) . Since we used the experimentally measured form factors, these results are independent of theoretical models of the form factors.


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  • D.S. Hwang
    • 1
  • D.-W. Kim
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Physics, Sejong University, Seoul 143–747, KoreaKR
  2. 2.Department of Physics, Kangnung National University, Kangnung 210-702, KoreaKR

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