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Acknowledgement to referees 2020/2021

The aim of neurogenetics is to communicate significant research, documented by clear, accurate and complete data, in an easily readable format.

The style and quality of the journal, therefore, depend to a great extent on the referees' evaluation of the content and form of the papers submitted. Their time-consuming efforts are most gratefully appreciated, and we would like to acknowledge the contributions that have been made by the following individuals:

Alkuraya, FS, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Baehrecke, E, Worcester, USA

Baldridge, D, St. Louis, USA

Barmada, S, Ann Arbor, USA

Bender, K, San Francisco, USA

Besterman, A, San Diego, USA

Bienvenu, T, Paris, France

Borello, U, Pisa, Italy

Burghes, A, Columbus, USA

Campeau, PM, Montréal, Canada

Cooper-Knock, J, Sheffield, UK

Di Fonzo, A, Milan, Italy

Dib-Hajj, S, New Haven, USA

Dupré, Naoki, Québec, Canada

Fabrizi, GM, Verona, Italy

Fasano, A, Toronto, Canada

Fay, A, San Francisco, USA

Fischer, A, Heidelberg, Germany

Formichi, P, Siena, Italy

Frankish, A, Hinxton, UK

Freyer, C, Stockholm, Sweden

Geschwind, MD, San Francisco, USA

Hess, E, Altlanta, USA

Holden, H, London, UK

Hsiao, C-T, Taipei, Taiwan

Isom, LL, Ann Arbor, USA

Jeng, J-S, Taipei, Taiwan

Lenaers, G, Montpellier, France

Li, Y-C, Taipei, Taiwan

Lohmann, K, Lübeck, Germany

Maltecca, F, Milano, Italy

Martinez-Castellano, F, Valencia, Spain

Mastrangelo, M, Roma, Italy

Matthews, E, London, UK

Müller, U, Gießen, Germany

Myers, S, Atlanta, USA

Myllykangas, L, Helsinki, Finland

Naumova, A, Montreal, Canada

Nicolas, G, Paris, France

Nishida, N, Toyama, Japan

Nishino, I, Tokyo, Japan

Numis, AL, San Francisco, USA

Pechmann, A, Freiburg, Germany

Peeters, H, Leuven, Belgium

Pizzuti, A, Roma, Italy

Pons, R, Athens, Greece

Rannikmae, K, Edinburgh, UK

Rebelo, S, Aveiro, Portugal

Rosenberger, G, Hamburg, Germany

Rossor, A, London, UK

Salvi, M, Padova, Italy

Scherer, SW, Toronto, Canada

Schmidt, S, Montpellier, France

Senderek, J, München, Germany

Spiegel, R, Afula, Israel

Sulek, A, Warszawa, Poland

Suspitsin, EN, St. Petersburg,

Russian Federation

Tanaka, SS, Kumamoto, Japan

Timmers, E, Groningen, Netherlands

Uemura, M, Niigata, Japan

Wang, Z, Beijing, China

Weis, J, Aachen, Germany

Weiss, L, San Francisco, USA

Xi, J, Shanghai, China

Yano, M, Niigata, Japan

Zuchner, S, Miami, USA

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