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Effect of the cut ratio of selective yellow-cut lenses on contrast sensitivity


This study aimed to examine the effect of the cut ratio on contrast sensitivity by modifying the cut rate of the wavelength-selective cut lens at approximately 585 nm. Contrast sensitivity when wearing a selective yellow-cut lens with 50%, and 70% optical cut rate was higher than that without a yellow-cut lens; thus, these lenses could improve contrast sensitivity. Selective yellow-cut lenses of approximately 50% optical cut rate could improve contrast sensitivity in healthy individuals. Therefore, wavelength-controlled lenses can contribute to the improvement of the contrast sensitivity.

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Availability of data and materials

The data are not available for public access because of patient privacy concerns, but are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request.

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This study was supported by a grant from the METI Monozukuri R&D Support Grant Program for SMEs (Grant Number JPJ005698). We would like to thank Editage ( for English language editing.

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