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Phase-shifting digital holography with burst imaging method


The application of a burst imaging method to digital holography (DH) with multiple image capturing is firstly demonstrated. Nobody has discussed this approach explicitly, although the burst imaging method is not so uncommon. The burst imaging method intermittently captures several images with a high repetition rate followed by a relatively long rest time. If the light wave from an object has a much smaller complex amplitude change in the frame interval of an image sensor than the precision of the DH system, the wave can be regarded as being in a static state. As a result, this solves a fatal problem in DH for an object that moves or deforms while capturing multiple interference images. In this research, the burst imaging method was applied to phase-shifting DH, and it is simply implemented by a high-speed image sensor and a continuous phase shifting which is good for high-speed phase shifting. The measurement error was analytically solved for the movement speed of an object. Finally, the proposed method was experimentally used to observe an evaporating droplet of ethanol on a glass substrate.

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