Spatial mode exchange technique using volume holograms with a random optical diffuser for reduction of crosstalk


In mode-division multiplexing systems, the transmission quality is restricted by the differential mode delay (DMD). We previously proposed a spatial mode exchange technique using volume holograms (VHET) to reduce the DMD. VHET can be used for the exchange of multiple spatial modes with different transmission speeds using a single device. However, in VHET, incidents of cross-talk (XT) caused by non-target holograms severely degrade the exchange performance. To address this issue, we propose a spatial mode exchange technique that uses volume holograms in combination with a random optical diffuser. By scattering the intensity distribution of the signal beam uniformly using a random optical diffuser, high exchange performance can be attained due to the reduction in the influence of non-targeted holograms. We confirmed the basic operation of the proposed scheme by considering the crosstalk component coupled to the few-mode fiber in a mode-division multiplexing system. The simulation results show that the maximum XTs are significantly suppressed to − 15.8 dB.

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This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI (Grant Number JP19K04366).

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  • Mode division multiplexing
  • Differential mode delay
  • Spatial mode exchange technique
  • Volume hologram
  • Random optical diffuser