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Signal-source estimation from magnetic field image obtained using atomic magnetometer and digital micro-mirror device


Visualization of an electromagnetic field distribution is helpful for spatial evaluation of field leakage and can aid in solving inverse problems of signal-source estimation. Optical detection is more accurate and less invasive than other methods owing to a low metal content in the sensing probes and signal wires. We have previously reported optical detection of alternating magnetic fields using an alkali-metal atomic magnetometer. In this study, we have proposed a method for imaging the field in a 10 mm diameter area in the sensor head and achieved a resolution below 0.3 mm using a digital micro-mirror device. In this paper, we demonstrate the visualization of an alternating magnetic field at 70 kHz, generated using a Helmholtz coil and a 0.5-mm diameter metal wire attached to the sensor head. Both the uniform field image from the coil and the gradient field image from the wire were clearly observed. The output linearity of the magnetometer was investigated by varying the electric current applied to the coil. In addition, we performed signal-source estimation from the gradient field image. The obtained and calculated distributions were compared to estimate the position of the wire. The estimated wire depth of 1.41 mm was within the range of actual wire depths. This measurement technique has the potential for application in precise position estimation of signal sources with high sensitivity.

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This work was supported by the Telecommunications Advancement Foundation, JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number JP18K04166, and Konica Minolta Science and Technology Foundation.

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