Generation of a subdiffraction-limit light sheet with micrometer-order thickness using a computer-generated hologram


We present the generation of a subdiffraction-limit light sheet using a computer-generated hologram (CGH) with a lens system, comprising a cylindrical lens and objective lens. The algorithm for designing a CGH generating an array of subdiffraction-limit spots (Ogura et al. in Opt Express 22:25196–25207, 2014) is modified to design a CGH generating a subdiffraction-limit light sheet. The modulation of CGHs is limited to one dimension to avoid the unnecessary fluctuation of intensity along the height direction of the light sheet. In design, we can obtain an isolated light sheet with 80% thickness of the diffraction-limit light sheet. In addition, a subdiffraction-limit triplet light sheet can be generated owing to design flexibility. Analysis of the three-dimensional structure of light sheets suggests that our method can be used to reduce the thickness of a light sheet, while suppressing a reduction in depth. Experimental results demonstrate that the designed CGH generates a subdiffraction-limit light sheet with a micrometer-order thickness.

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