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Preface Optics Awards 2016 for excellent papers
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  1. Optics Awards 2016 for excellent papers

This section is the special issue for the winners of Optics Awards for Excellent Papers, given by Optical Society of Japan. This special issue contains the review articles by two winners. These papers were reviewed and accepted according to the editorial policy of Optical Review.

Optics Awards for Excellent Papers started 1960 and 101 young researchers received this awards over 57 years. The recipients have led optical researches in Japan and have extended and applied optical research in many fields. Optics Awards for Excellent Paper in 2016 awards by newly founded “General Incorporated Association Optical Society Japan.” The award succeeds long history and traditions of OSJ.

Two excellent papers “Optical antennas with multiple plasmonic nanoparticles for tip-enhanced Raman microscopy,” by Dr. Atsushi Taguchi and “Determination of the polarization states of an arbitrary polarized terahertz beam: Vectorial vortex analysis” by Dr. Toshitaka Wakayama. Dr. A. Taguchi reported the tip-enhancement of resonance Raman scattering using deep ultraviolet wavelength. The tip-enhancement was demonstrated with an aluminum-coated silicon tip. Dr. T. Wakayama reported vectorial vortex analysis to determine the polarization states of an arbitrarily polarized terahertz. He demonstrated the control of THz vectorial vortex beams using achromatic axially symmetric wave plates.

I hope you enjoy the excellent reviews by two winners and get some inspirations on your research. Finally, I greatly appreciate for the member of the Section Committee for Optics Awards for Excellent Papers for their great effort.

March 2017

Editor of the Special Section

Yoshimasa KAWATA

The Chair of the Selection Committee Optics for Awards for Excellent Papers

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