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Effects of inner and outer scale on the modulation transfer function for a Gaussian wave propagating through anisotropic non-Kolmogorov turbulence

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Both experimental results and empirical research have shown that the atmospheric turbulence can present the anisotropic property not only at a few meters above the ground but also at high altitudes of up to several kilometers. This paper investigates the modulation transfer function of a Gaussian beam propagating along a horizontal path in weak anisotropic non-Kolmogorov turbulence. Mathematical expressions are obtained based on the generalized exponential spectrum for anisotropic turbulence, which includes the spectral power law value, the finite inner and outer scales of turbulence, the anisotropic factor, and other essential optical parameters of the Gaussian beam. The numerical results indicate that the atmospheric turbulence would produce less negative effects on the wireless optical communication system with an increase in the anisotropic factor.


Anisotropy Gaussian beam Modulation transfer function Non-Kolmogorov turbulence Inner and outer scales 


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