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Multi-aperture optics as a universal platform for computational imaging

  • Jun Tanida
Special Section: Regular Paper The 10th International Conference on Optics-Photonics Design & Fabrication (ODF’16), Weingarten, Germany
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  1. The 10th International Conference on Optics-Photonics Design & Fabrication (ODF’16), Weingarten, Germany


Computational imaging is a novel imaging framework based on optical encoding and computational decoding. To avoid a heuristic design that depends on the particular problem to be solved, multi-aperture optics is useful as a universal platform for optical encoding. In this paper, the fundamental properties of multi-aperture optics are summarized. Then some examples of interesting functions implemented by multi-aperture optics are explained, together with some effective applications.


Multi-aperture optics Compound-eye imaging Computational imaging Image processing Compressive sensing 


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  1. 1.Department of Information and Physical Sciences, Graduate School of Information Science and TechnologyOsaka UniversitySuitaJapan

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