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A color constancy method using fuzzy measures and integrals

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The ability of measuring colors of objects, independent of light source illumination, is called color constancy which is an important problem in machine vision and image processing fields. In this paper, we propose a new combinational method that is based on fuzzy measures and integrals to estimate the chromaticity of the light source as the major step of color constancy. The basic idea of the proposed method is that there are color constancy methods with some similarities in their structure and the way they are applied. The proposed method works with the help of assigning fuzzy measures to these methods and their combinations and computing the Choquet fuzzy integral. To approve the proposed method, we selected four well known algorithms and their results were combined by the proposed approach. In selecting these methods, it was tried to choose the ones which had better performance in compare to other methods, however the proposed method can be applied on any other methods just by adjusting its parameters. It is shown in this article that proposed approach performs better than other proposed methods for color constancy most of the time.

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  • color constancy
  • RGB color space
  • fuzzy measures
  • Choquet fuzzy integral