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New temporal high-pass filter nonuniformity correction based on bilateral filter


A thorough analysis of low convergence speed and ghosting artifacts in temporal high-pass filter correction has been undertaken in this paper and it has found out that the keys of these problems are the interference of a large sum of unrelated scene information in the nonuniformity correction (NUC) process. In order to overcome these drawbacks, a new scene-based NUC technique based on bilateral filter has been developed. This method separates the original input frames into two parts and it estimates the NUC parameters only by using the residuals. The experimental results have shown that it can significantly increase convergence speed and reduce ghosting artifacts.

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Zuo, C., Chen, Q., Gu, G. et al. New temporal high-pass filter nonuniformity correction based on bilateral filter. OPT REV 18, 197–202 (2011).

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  • infrared focal plane array
  • nonuniformity correction
  • ghosting artifacts
  • bilateral filter
  • convergence speed