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Editor’s Message: The 2018 Editors’ Choice articles

  • Clifford I. VossEmail author
Editor’s Message

Message de l’Editeur: Les choix d’articles des Editeurs en 2018

Mensaje del Editor: Los artículos seleccionados por los Editores en 2018

编辑信息: 2018年编辑推荐文章

Mensagem do Editor: Os artigos da escolha dos Editores de 2018

Five articles published in Hydrogeology Journal (HJ) are selected as highlights of each publishing year. The 2018 Editors’ Choice articles have been selected by our editorial team: Martin Appold, Jean-Christophe Comte, Jean-Michel Lemieux, Rui Ma, Liz Screaton, Maria-Theresia Schafmeister and Cliff Voss. The editors selected five articles that they especially liked for a variety of reasons from among the ∼200 articles that appeared in the 2018 issues.

These exceptional articles (listed in Table 1) are distinguished by a variety of positive attributes including: outstanding science, innovative approach, potentially important conclusions, interesting field area or phenomenon, unusual topic, political/social/historical/philosophical interest, and so on. The HJ editors believe that readers will find these articles to be especially interesting and valuable. Do enjoy reading them again.
Table 1

Hydrogeology Journal’s 2018 Editors’ Choice articles



Vol/No, pages


Michael O. Schwartz

The new Wallula CO2 project may revive the old Columbia River Basalt (western USA) nuclear-waste repository project

26/1, 3–6a

Giacomo Medici, L. J. West, N. P. Mountney

Characterization of a fluvial aquifer at a range of depths and scales: the Triassic St Bees Sandstone Formation, Cumbria, UK

26/2, 565–591a

Konstantin Scheihing, Uwe Tröger

Local climate change induced by groundwater overexploitation in a high Andean arid watershed, Laguna Lagunillas basin, northern Chile

26/3, 705–719

Yanxin Wang, Chunmiao Zheng, Rui Ma

Review: Safe and sustainable groundwater supply in China

26/5, 1301–1324

U. Kafri, Y. Yechieli, S. Wollman, E. Shalev

A possible brine supply from the Afar continental endorheic hyper saline lakes to the Red Sea bottom brine pools

26/8, 2867–2874

aOpen access

Congratulations to all of these distinguished authors!


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