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Editor’s Message: The 2017 Editors’ Choice articles

  • Clifford I. VossEmail author
Editor’s Message

Message de l’Editeur: Les choix d’articles des Editeurs en 2017

Mensaje del Editor: Los artículos seleccionados por los Editores en 2017

编辑信息: 2017年编辑推荐文章

Mensagem do Editor: Os artigos da escolha dos Editores de 2017

Editors’ Choice articles are ones that were printed in the 2017 Hydrogeology Journal (HJ) volume and selected for special attention by our editorial team (Martin Appold, Jean-Michel Lemieux, Liz Screaton, Maria-Theresia Schafmeister, Cliff Voss). At the conclusion of the publishing year, the editors selected five articles from among the ∼140 printed articles in the regular issues. These articles are distinguished by a variety of positive attributes including: outstanding science, innovative approach, potentially important conclusions, interesting field area or phenomenon, unusual topic, political/social/historical/philosophical interest, etc. The HJ editors believe that readers will find these articles to be especially interesting and valuable.

Editors’ Choice articles are highlighted on the International Association of Hydrogeologists’ (IAH) website (, in the IAH newsletter, and on the Hydrogeology Journal website (

The Editors’ Choice articles for the 2017 publishing year are listed in Table 1.
Table 1

Hydrogeology Journal’s 2017 Editors’ Choice articles


Article title

Vol/No., pages


Yousef Beiraghdar Aghbelagh, Jianwen Yang

Role of hydrodynamic factors in controlling the formation and location of unconformity-related uranium deposits: insights from reactive-flow modeling

25/2, 465–486

Christine Doughty, Chin-Fu Tsang, Jan-Erik Rosberg, Christopher Juhlin, Patrick F. Dobson, Jens T. Birkholzer

Flowing fluid electrical conductivity logging of a deep borehole during and following drilling: estimation of transmissivity, water salinity and hydraulic head of conductive zones

25/2, 501–517

Zhao Chen, Augusto S. Auler, Michel Bakalowicz, David Drew, Franziska Griger, Jens Hartmann, Guanghui Jiang, Nils Moosdorf, Andrea Richts, Zoran Stevanovic, George Veni, Nico Goldscheider

The World Karst Aquifer Mapping project: concept, mapping procedure and map of Europe

25/3, 771–785

Caroline Lejars, Ali Daoudi, Hichem Amichi

The key role of supply chain actors in groundwater irrigation development in North Africa

25/6, 1593–1606

Garth van der Kamp, Randy Schmidt

Review: Moisture loading—the hidden information in groundwater observation well records

25/8, 2225–2233

Congratulations to all of these distinguished authors!

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