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Table 1 Explanatory variables applied in the econometric specifications

From: Does migration depress regional human capital accumulation in the EU’s new member states? Theoretical and empirical evidenceFührt Migration zu niedrigeren regionalen Humankapital-Niveaus in den neuen Mitgliedstaaten der EU? Theoretische und empirische Evidenz

Dimension Indicator Variable Source
Income Absolute wealth GRP per inhabitant ≡ x1 Eurostat
Income prospects GRP per inhabitant growth ≡ x2 Calculated from Eurostat
Relative wealth Share7 ≡ x3 Calculated from Eurostat
Jobs General job opportunities Unemployment rate ≡ x4 Eurostat
Job opportunities for the young Youth unemployment rate ≡ x5 Eurostat
Future Physical capital stock investments Gross fixed capital formations ≡ x6 Calculated from Eurostat and Cambridge Econometrics
Age structure Share of inhabitants 25–64 ≡ x7 Eurostat
Interregional relationships Capital city δ Calculated from Eurostat and Googlemaps
EU Ε As defined in the text
Migration Yearly total migration Net migration rate ≡ m Calculated from Eurostat
Migrants’ skills Share of migrants with tertiary education ≡ ς Calculated from ILO