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Particle characterization using THz spectroscopy


THz extinction spectroscopy extends UV–Vis and NIR-spectroscopy to characterize particles from fine powders and dust to sand, grains and granulated materials. We extract particle sizes from the spectral position of the first peak of the interference structure and size distributions from the visibility of the fine ripple structure in the measured extinction spectra. As such, we can demonstrate a route for a quick determination of these parameters from single measurements.

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The authors thank R. Bittl (FU Berlin) and A. Schnegg (HZB) for permitting measurements at the FTIR-instrument, D. Ponwitz for technical support at the beamline, as well as Boris Eberhard, Peidong Yu, and Zach Evenson for the help with the measurements during the beamtime. Philip Born thanks Andreas Meyer for his continued support of the project.

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The manuscript, or its contents in some other form, has not been published previously by any of the authors. The work was partially supported by the DFG research unit FOR1394.

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