A numerical photogrammetry technique for measuring microscale kinematics and fabric in Schneebeli materials


We present a numerical photogrammetry technique for obtaining semi–automated measurements concerning kinematic fields, i.e. translation and rotation of each “grain”, and fabric properties of a two-dimensional analogue granular material. An example is given in which the technique is applied in a biaxial compression test on a specimen consisting of 1,300 rods. The information that can be recorded by the technique is discussed along with its accuracy.

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This work is funded by the EU project Degradation and Instabilities in Geomaterials with Application to Hazard Mitigation (DIGA) in the framework of the Human Potential Program, Research Training Networks (HPRN-CT-2002-00220).

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  • 2D analogue granular materials
  • Numerical photogrammetry
  • Semi–automated measurements
  • Particle translation and rotation
  • Fabric