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Cross-modal photo-caricature face recognition based on dynamic multi-task learning


Face recognition of realistic visual images (e.g., photos) has been well studied and made significant progress in the recent decade. However, face recognition between realistic visual images/photos and caricatures is still a challenging problem. Unlike the photos, the different artistic styles of caricatures introduce extreme non-rigid distortions of caricatures. The great representational gap between the different modalities of photos and caricatures is a big challenge for photo-caricature face recognition. In this paper, we propose to conduct cross-modal photo-caricature face recognition via multi-task learning, which can learn the features of different modalities with different tasks. Instead of manually setting the task weights as in conventional multi-task learning, this work proposes a dynamic weights learning module which can automatically generate/learn task weights according to the training importance of tasks. The learned task weights enable the network to focus on training the hard tasks instead of being stuck in the overtraining of easy tasks. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed dynamic multi-task learning for cross-modal photo-caricature face recognition. The performance on the datasets CaVI and WebCaricature show the superiority over the state-of-art methods. The implementation code is provided here. (

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