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Automatic room information retrieval and classification from floor plan using linear regression model

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International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition (IJDAR) Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The automatic creation of a repository of the building’s floor plan helps a lot to the architects to reuse them. The basic approach is to extract and recognize texts, symbols or graphics to retrieve the information of the floor plan from the images. This paper proposes a floor plan information retrieval algorithm. The proposed algorithm is based on shape extraction and room identification.\(\alpha \)-shape is used for finding an accurate shape. From the detected shapes, actual areas of rooms are calculated. Later, a regression model-based binary room classification model is proposed to classify them into room-type, i.e., bedroom, drawing room, kitchen, and non-room-type, i.e., parking porch, bathroom, study room and prayer room. The proposed model is tested on the CVC-FP dataset with an average room detection accuracy of 85.71% and room recognition accuracy of 88%.

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