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Endorsement of the HerniaSurge guidelines by the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery

  • E. M. Targarona
Invited commentary

We congratulate the HerniaSurge Group on the comprehensive and extensive analysis and review of the clinical and surgical aspects of groin hernia management in the International Guidelines.

We especially want to highlight the careful methodology of the analysis. The systematic analysis of the literature using the GRADE model with the classification of the strength of evidence does reinforce the value of the different statements proposed. The well selected list of topics, sorted in the three main chapters, covers the main areas of interest of this important health problem as it is the most common surgical procedure performed around the world. The quality of this document will permit us to trust and rely on the recommendations and to use it as an everyday tool for the practice of the general surgeon.

On behalf of the EAES, it is a pleasure and an honor to endorse this great project, and also to acknowledge the selected group of abdominal wall surgery experts of EAES that has collaborated in this extremely useful project.

Eduardo M Targarona, President EAES.


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