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Right-sided diaphragmatic hernia in an adult after living donor liver transplant: a rare cause of post-transplant recurrent abdominal pain


Right-sided diaphragmatic hernia (DH) after living donor liver transplant in adult recipients has not been described previously. There have been a few reports of right-side DH in paediatric living donor liver transplant recipients and following right lobe donor hepatectomy. We herein describe the first instance of right-sided DH in a 44-year-old man who underwent left lobe live donor liver transplant. Twenty-eight months later, he presented with recurrent right upper abdominal pain. Radiographic workup revealed a right-sided DH. He underwent laparotomy and primary repair of the diaphragmatic defect. Seven months after the repair, the patient remains well and free from symptoms, with a normal chest X-ray. Right-sided DH is rare but may occur after living donor liver transplant. Successful outcome can be achieved by an early diagnosis and prompt management.

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