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Colovesical fistula following an open preperitoneal “Kugel” mesh repair of an inguinal hernia


Erosion of the “Kugel” mesh into intraperitoneal organs has not been previously reported in the medical literature. We report such an occurrence in a 54-year-old male, 4 years following a “Kugel” preperitoneal repair of a left-sided inguinal hernia. The patient presented with septicaemia, pneumaturia and left iliac fossa pain. His computed tomography (CT) scan indicated the presence of gas in the bladder and a thickened loop of sigmoid colon attached to the region of the dome of the bladder. Colonoscopy showed some scattered diverticula in the sigmoid colon but no tumour. On surgical exploration, the “Kugel” mesh was found to erode the sigmoid colon and the bladder wall, leading to a colovesical fistula. An anterior resection of the rectum with removal of the mesh with closure of the bladder wall defect was performed.

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