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Table 4 Correlation coefficients between respondents’ intentions to install PV systems in their homes and (1) installations by people around them, and (2) the frequency of conversations about global warming and energy-saving behavior

From: Neighborhood influences on the diffusion of residential photovoltaic systems in Kyoto City, Japan

  Installations by relatives, neighbors, and business peers Conversation with family living together Conversation with child(ren) Conversation with neighbors or business peers Conversation with friends
Correlation coefficient (N: sample size) 0.181*** (N = 948) 0.151*** (N = 916) 0.173** (N = 345a) 0.105*** (N = 993) 0.108*** (N = 998)
  1. aThe sample size was relatively small because target respondents were limited to those with a child or children of junior high age or younger
  2. **p < 1%, ***p < 0.1%