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Learning landing control of an indoor blimp robot for self-energy recharging


We report on learning landing control for the self-energy recharging of indoor blimp robots. Indoor blimp robots have potential applications in monitoring, surveillance, and entertainment. It might be necessary for blimp robots to fly for a long time to achieve these tasks. Since blimp robots cannot have a heavy battery, it is difficult to fly for long time. Therefore, we solved this problem by developing self-energy recharging control, i.e., docking to an energy charging station. We call it landing control. We introduce a way to learn landing control to tackle an unstable flying condition. The results of experiments show the effectiveness of the landing control.

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Kawamura, H., Yamamoto, M., Takaya, T. et al. Learning landing control of an indoor blimp robot for self-energy recharging. Artif Life Robotics 12, 116–121 (2008).

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Key words

  • Indoor blimp robot
  • self-energy recharging
  • Landing control