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Hemorrhagic onset of rhabdoid meningioma after initiating treatment for infertility

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Rhabdoid meningioma (RM) is a rare aggressive phenotype and is classified as a grade III neoplasm by the World Health Organization. A 29-year-old woman initiated treatment with clomiphene citrate for infertility. Two weeks later, she presented with acute headache and nausea. Brain computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a tumor with hematoma in the left frontoparietal region. Surgical resection was performed, and the tumor was subtotally removed. The tumor was diagnosed as a rhabdoid meningioma (RM). Despite radiation and chemotherapy, she experienced regrowth and dissemination to the spinal cord. She died 11 months after onset of symptoms. Spontaneous hemorrhage is an unusual presentation of RM. In our case, infertility treatment may have triggered progression and bleeding because of an imbalance of sex hormones.

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