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, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp 5–28 | Cite as

Numerical Solution of a Non-Linear Volterra Integral Equation

  • K. Maleknejad
  • P. Torabi
  • S. SauterEmail author


In this paper, a numerical method to solve non-linear integral equations based on a successive approximation technique is considered. A sequence of functions is produced which converges to the solution. The process includes a fixed point method, a quadrature rule, and an interpolation method. To find a total bound of the error, we investigate error bounds for each approximation and by combining them, we will derive an estimate for the total error. The accuracy and efficiency of the method is illustrated in some numerical examples.


Nonlinear quadratic Volterra integral equation Fixed point theorem Measure of noncompactness Fixed point method Adaptive quadrature Nonuniform interpolation nodes 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

45D05 65D07 65R20 


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© Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and Springer Science+Business Media Singapore 2015

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of MathematicsIran University of Science, TechnologyNarmakIran
  2. 2.Department of Basic SciencesJundi-Shapur University of TechnologyDezfulIran
  3. 3.Institut für MathematikUniversität ZürichZürichSwitzerland

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