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Parallel Hybrid Iterative Methods for Variational Inequalities, Equilibrium Problems, and Common Fixed Point Problems



In this paper, we propose two strongly convergent parallel hybrid iterative methods for finding a common element of the set of fixed points of a family of asymptotically quasi ϕ-nonexpansive mappings, the set of solutions of variational inequalities and the set of solutions of equilibrium problems in uniformly smooth and 2-uniformly convex Banach spaces. A numerical experiment is given to verify the efficiency of the proposed parallel algorithms.


Asymptotically quasi ϕ-nonexpansive mapping Variational inequality Equilibrium problem Hybrid method Parallel computation 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

47H05 47H09 47H10 47J25 65J15 65Y05 


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  1. 1.Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam National UniversityHanoiVietnam

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