Generalized Iterated Maximal Essential Extensions of Rings


A necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of GIME(A), the generalized iterated maximal essential extension of an associative ring A, is obtained provided that A is commutative. Some properties of GIME(A) are described, in particular, when A is semiprime or commutative. An example of a prime ring A having no GIME(A) is constructed.

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2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 16S70, 13G05, 13E05, 13B02, 13A15

Communicated by R. Wiegandt

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Andruszkiewicz, R.R. Generalized Iterated Maximal Essential Extensions of Rings. Algebra Colloq. 10, 109–120 (2003).

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  • metaideal
  • accessible subring
  • essential subring
  • integral domain