Free De Morgan Bisemigroups and Bisemilattices


We give a geometric representation of free De Morgan bisemigroups, free commutative De Morgan bisemigroups, and free De Morgan bisemilattices by using labeled graphs.

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Correspondence to Z. Ésik.

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2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 08A70, 08B20

This research was supported by the National Foundation of Scientific Research of Hungary under grant no. T30511.

Communicated by M. Ito

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Ésik, Z. Free De Morgan Bisemigroups and Bisemilattices. Algebra Colloq. 10, 23–32 (2003).

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  • bisemigroup
  • bisemilattice
  • free algebra
  • De Morgan’s laws
  • cograph
  • series-parallel graph