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VSE: formal methods meet industrial needs


The Verification Support Environment (VSE) is a tool to formally specify and verify complex systems. It provides the means to structure specifications and supports the development process from the specification of a system to the automatic generation of code. Formal developments following the VSE method are stored and maintained in an administration system that guides the user and maintains a consistent state of development. An integrated deduction system provides proof support for the deduction problems arising during the development process.

We describe the application of VSE to an industrial case study and give an overview of the enhanced VSE system and the VSE methodology.

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Autexier, S., Hutter, D., Langenstein, B. et al. VSE: formal methods meet industrial needs. STTT 3, 66–77 (2000).

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  • Key words: Formal software development – Automated theorem proving – Interactive theorem proving – Temporal logic – Modular proof development – Compositionality