Mining parametric temporal logic properties in model-based design for cyber-physical systems

  • Bardh HoxhaEmail author
  • Adel Dokhanchi
  • Georgios Fainekos
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One of the advantages of adopting a model-based development process is that it enables testing and verification at early stages of development. However, it is often desirable to not only verify/falsify certain formal system specifications, but also to automatically explore the properties that the system satisfies. In this work, we present a framework that enables property exploration for cyber-physical systems. Namely, given a parametric specification with multiple parameters, our solution can automatically infer the ranges of parameters for which the property does not hold on the system. In this paper, we consider parametric specifications in metric or Signal Temporal Logic (MTL or STL). Using robust semantics for MTL, the parameter mining problem can be converted into a Pareto optimization problem for which we can provide an approximate solution by utilizing stochastic optimization methods. We include algorithms for the exploration and visualization of multi-parametric specifications. The framework is demonstrated on an industrial size, high-fidelity engine model as well as examples from related literature.


Metric Temporal Logic Signal Temporal Logic Verification Testing Robustness Multiple parametric specification mining Cyber-physical systems 



This work has been partially supported by award NSF CNS 1116136 and CNS 1350420. Also, we thank the Toyota Technical Center for donating a license for the Simuquest Enginuity tool package.


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  • Adel Dokhanchi
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