Advances in test generation for testing software and systems

An introduction to selected papers from ICTSS 2013
  • Hüsnü YenigünEmail author
  • Cemal Yilmaz
  • Andreas Ulrich


Among the software quality assurance techniques, testing stands out as one of the most frequently used techniques in practice. Consequently, testing is also widely studied in research. An important aspect in testing that receives much attention is the problem of automated test generation. This introductory paper summarizes the papers selected from the 25th IFIP International Conference on Testing Software and Systems (ICTSS 2013), which all deal with this topic. The field is briefly introduced by pointing out to some of the existing survey articles and relating the selected papers in this issue to each other and to the known body of knowledge.


Software testing Test generation  Model-based testing 



We would like to thank the authors of the selected articles for their motivation to provide extended versions of their work originally submitted to ICTSS 2013, the reviewers of the articles for their relentless efforts on providing feedback and holding up the quality of the submitted work, and all members of the technical program committee of ICTSS 2013.


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