Probabilistic verification and synthesis of the next generation airborne collision avoidance system

  • Christian von Essen
  • Dimitra GiannakopoulouEmail author
TACAS 2014


The next generation airborne collision avoidance system, ACAS X, departs from the traditional deterministic model on which the current system, TCAS, is based. To increase robustness, ACAS X relies on probabilistic models to represent the various sources of uncertainty. The work reported in this paper identifies verification challenges for ACAS X, and studies the applicability of probabilistic verification and synthesis techniques in addressing these challenges. Due to shortcomings of off-the-shelf probabilistic analysis tools, we developed a new framework, named VeriCA (Verification for Collision Avoidance). VeriCA is a combined probabilistic synthesis and verification framework that is custom designed for ACAS X and systems with similar characteristics. VeriCA supports Java as a modeling language, is memory efficient, employs parallelization, and provides an interactive simulator that displays aircraft encounters and the corresponding ACAS X behavior. We describe the application of our framework to ACAS X, together with the results and recommendations that our analysis produced.


Markov decision processes Probabilistic verification  Probabilistic synthesis Aircraft collision avoidance 



We wish to thank Neal Suchy of the FAA for being supportive of this work and putting us in contact with ACAS X team members. In particular, Mykel Kochenderfer helped us ensure that our ACAS X model was faithful to the one in the published version, and Ryan Gardner and Yanni Kouskoulas helped us identify verification and synthesis challenges through extensive discussions. Finally, we thank Guillaume Brat for providing technical feedback for this work, and Johann Schumann, Mykel Kochenderfer, and Ryan Gardner for proof-reading the paper. The work was funded under the System-wide Safety Analysis Technologies Project of the Aviation Safety Program in NASA ARMD.


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