The use of platelet-rich fibrin as a hemostatic material in oral soft tissues

  • Mihir Raghavendra KulkarniEmail author
Letter to the Editor

Dear editor,

This letter is in reference to the article “The use of platelet-rich fibrin as a hemostatic material in oral soft tissues” by de Almeida Barros Mourão CF et al. [1]. The article is an important contribution to dental and oral surgery as it documents the hemostatic potential of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). I commend the authors for their meticulous work and well-written article.

However, they have stated that “...there has to date been no evidence in the literature regarding the use of PRF as a hemostatic material for soft tissue …” [1].

I would like to bring to the notice of the authors of this article and to the readers of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery that the hemostatic potential of PRF in soft tissue wounds has, in fact been documented previously, in the article by Kulkarni et al. (2014) [2]. Although the aim of our article was to document the efficacy of PRF in wound healing, we also observed that PRF has a good hemostatic property. This observation, though subjective, was mentioned in the discussion of the article.

I was excited to read that Almeida Barros Mourão CF et al. [1] have a similar finding, and believe that these clinical observations will lead to further scientific enquiry into the hemostatic potential of PRF.

I would once again like to compliment the authors for their insightful work.


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