The Dry Martini: Chemistry, History, and Assorted Lore


In the opinion of countless authors, thinkers, statesmen, and connoisseurs, the martini is America’s favorite apéritif. Famous martini quotes; celebrity martini drinkers; movies, books, and songs; the martini and alcohol in chemical education; the 1999 Canadian bioanalytical study of the antioxidant activities of martinis in the British Medical Journal; the standardization of the martini; brief histories of gin, vermouth, and the martini; martini-drinking presidents; the dryness of the martini; and the place of the drink in American society are presented.

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Correspondence to George B. Kauffman.

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Adapted from a lecture, “Shaken or Stirred?”—a fund-raising “martinitutorial” given as part of the series “Parties for the Parkway” presented by the San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust for the San Joaquin River Parkway, September 15, 2000, Clovis, California (Figures 1–7).

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  • Alcohol
  • Antioxidant Activity
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