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A topical collection on the occasion of Tim Clark’s 65th birthday

As a scientist, you are used to facing a wide range of tricky situations, related and sometimes not directly related to science. Many unforeseen circumstances can cross your way. Your precisely adjusted experiments are not working as desired, your carefully arranged simulations give inconsistent results, your manuscript unexpectedly is rejected by the referees, or, most frequently, your supervisor does not behave like expected. The latter challenge is a severe one.

Let us assume you have decided to arrange some surprises on a special occasion for a special scientist. Let us assume the occasion is the 65th birthday of your supervisor, mentor, and inspiration and let us assume this scientist is Tim Clark. A few ideas flash through your brain and you start preparing. Soon you will notice that you need to talk about your ideas with the leading character, because such a big thing can’t be arranged as a big secret. Now the expected unexpected reaction follows: Not all of your ideas lead to immediate enthusiasm.

But you have learnt from the above mentioned unforeseen circumstances. You have not arranged a single experimental setup and you would never run only a single simulation to retrieve your data. Thus, you didn’t come up with a single idea and one of them hits the point, the idea of a topical collection in a scientific journal. And what is closer than the journal Tim is most engaged to? The Journal he founded and he is editor-in-chief for.

We immediately started to invite colleagues, friends, and former students to contribute to this special issue of JMM. This collection of 24 original papers you see on the screen or have in your hands nicely represents high quality work on different topics and interests Tim has been addressing during his scientific evolution. We want to thank all the authors who contributed to this compilation. To be honest, this list of topics is not exhaustive at all; there are still many compounds in the pipeline. At this point, some statistics about achievements, Diploma, Bachelor, Master, PhD students and Postdocs should follow, together with their later achievements; but we think we do not need all this data.

Instead, we should reflect about and emphasize how Tim affected our individual path of life. This influence is tremendous, irrespective of whether we finally stayed in academia or went to industry. In the name of all colleagues, students, and friends we want to say “thank you” for your inspiration and guidance.

Let us close with a wish for Tim’s and Moni’s health, joy, and happiness!

Happy birthday, Tim!

Editors of the topical collection

PD Dr. Harald Lanig

Dr. Christof Jäger

Dr. Tatyana Shubina

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This paper belongs to a Topical Collection on the occasion of Prof. Tim Clark’s 65th birthday

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