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, Volume 19, Issue 5, pp 1981–1984 | Cite as

Role of gold in a complex cascade reaction involving two electrocyclization steps

  • Jason G. Harrison
  • Dean J. TantilloEmail author
Original Paper


Quantum chemical computations (B3LYP/LACVP**) were applied to assess the impact of Au(I) complexation on activation barriers for sequential electrocyclization reactions (one a 1,2-dihydroazete ring-opening and another a pentadienyl cation ring-closure) proposed to occur during a complex reaction cascade that converts alkynes and imines to cyclopentenimines.


Gold in a complex cascade reaction


Catalysis Cation Gold Electrocyclization Nazarov 



We gratefully acknowledge the University of California–Davis, the American Chemical Society’s Petroleum Research Fund, the National Science Foundation’s Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center), and the United States Department of Education (GAANN fellowship to JGH) for support. We also gratefully acknowledge Matthew Siebert (Texas Tech) and Osvaldo Gutierrez (UC Davis) for helpful discussions.

Supplementary material

894_2012_1558_MOESM1_ESM.pdf (804 kb)
ESM 1 Additional details on computations, including energies and coordinates for all minima and transition state structures, IRC plots, and full Gaussian reference. (PDF 804 kb)


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