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ArchiveWeb: collaboratively extending and exploring web archive collections—How would you like to work with your collections?


Curated web archive collections contain focused digital content which is collected by archiving organizations, groups, and individuals to provide a representative sample covering specific topics and events to preserve them for future exploration and analysis. In this paper, we discuss how to best support collaborative construction and exploration of these collections through the ArchiveWeb system. ArchiveWeb has been developed using an iterative evaluation-driven design-based research approach, with considerable user feedback at all stages. The first part of this paper describes the important insights we gained from our initial requirements engineering phase during the first year of the project and the main functionalities of the current ArchiveWeb system for searching, constructing, exploring, and discussing web archive collections. The second part summarizes the feedback we received on this version from archiving organizations and libraries, as well as our corresponding plans for improving and extending the system for the next release.

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  20. ArchiveWeb is not (yet) directly coupled to the Archive-It administrative interface: curators have to switch to this interface to add suggested seed URLs to the corresponding Archive-It collection.


  22. Web Archive Transformation (WAT) files contain key metadata such as capture information, essential text and link data, and other information extracted from (W)ARC files.

  23. Web Archive Named Entities (WANE) files contain a list of people, places, and organizations mentioned in each valid archived record, extracted using Stanford Named Entity Recognizer.

  24. Longitudinal Graph Analysis (LGA) files feature a complete list of what URLs link to what URLs, along with a timestamp, within an entire web archive collection.




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We especially thank Jefferson Bailey from the Internet Archive who provided us with the contacts to his colleagues at university libraries and archiving institutions, and for his helpful comments during the requirements and evaluation phase. We are also grateful to all experts, who participated with enthusiasm in our evaluation, providing valuable feedback and useful suggestions to improve the ArchiveWeb system. This work was partially funded by the European Commission in the context of the Alexandria project (ERC advanced Grant No. 339233).

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