The 5-year clinical performance of direct composite additions to correct tooth form and position

I. Esthetic qualities


The aim of the study was to evaluate the esthetic performance of direct composite additions in correcting tooth form and position at 5 years. Composite additions were directly placed using the acid-etch technique and enamel bonding on 87 intact maxillary anterior teeth in 23 young patients (12–19 years old). The restorations were made by one operator using an ultrafine midway-filled densified restorative composite. Color slides were made at baseline and 5 years. At the 5-year recall, esthetic performance was assessed clinically by two evaluators at chair-side in subterms of color match, translucency/opacity, surface roughness, and anatomical form. Five additional examiners scored esthetics on the 5-year slides. Of the restorations, 89% were still esthetically satisfactory after 5 years of clinical service. The remaining restorations needed replacement, mainly because of severe loss of anatomical form, to a lesser degree because of severe color mismatch. Central incisors and small unilateral restorations generally showed the best results concerning color match (68% and 74%, respectively) and surface smoothness (84% and 100%, respectively). The slide scores on color match and translucency/opacity were generally similar or somewhat better than the direct clinical scores; however, the differences were not statistically significant (P>0.05). As far as surface roughness is concerned, the results were significantly better (P<0.05) when recorded indirectly than by direct clinical evaluation. In conclusion, direct composite additions are a valuable and effective procedure for esthetic and conservative treatment of malformed and misaligned anterior teeth. Loss of anatomical form due to wear points to a shortcoming of the composite material used, with which a durable esthetic result cannot always be guaranteed in the long term.

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Peumans, M., Meerbeek, B., Lambrechts, P. et al. The 5-year clinical performance of direct composite additions to correct tooth form and position . Clinical Oral Investigations 1, 12–18 (1997).

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