Autoscaling tiered cloud storage in Anna


In this paper, we describe how we extended a distributed key-value store called Anna into an autoscaling, multi-tier service for the cloud. In its extended form, Anna is designed to overcome the narrow cost–performance limitations typical of current cloud storage systems. We describe three key aspects of Anna’s new design: multi-master selective replication of hot keys, a vertical tiering of storage layers with different cost–performance trade-offs, and horizontal elasticity of each tier to add and remove nodes in response to load dynamics. Anna’s policy engine uses these mechanisms to balance service-level objectives around cost, latency, and fault tolerance. Experimental results explore the behavior of Anna’s mechanisms and policy, exhibiting orders of magnitude efficiency improvements over both commodity cloud KVS services and research systems.

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    Note that repartitioning overhead is not as high as in Sect. 7.4 because here we are using more machines and only add one new node, as opposed to four in that experiment.


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We include pseudocode for the algorithms described in Sect. 5 here. Note that some algorithms included here rely on a latency objective, which may or may not be specified. When no latency objective is specified, Anna aspires to its unsaturated request latency (2.5 ms) to provide the best possible performance but caps spending at the specified budget.


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