Anatomy of a native XML base management system


Several alternatives to manage large XML document collections exist, ranging from file systems over relational or other database systems to specifically tailored XML base management systems. In this paper we give a tour of Natix, a database management system designed from scratch for storing and processing XML data. Contrary to the common belief that management of XML data is just another application for traditional databases like relational systems, we illustrate how almost every component in a database system is affected in terms of adequacy and performance. We show how to design and optimize areas such as storage, transaction management - comprising recovery and multi-user synchronization - as well as query processing for XML.

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Received: December 15, 2001 / Accepted: July 1, 2002 Published online: December 13, 2002

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Fiebig, T., Helmer, S., Kanne, CC. et al. Anatomy of a native XML base management system. VLDB 11, 292–314 (2002).

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  • Keywords: XML - Database