Oxygen activation by mononuclear nonheme iron dioxygenases involved in the degradation of aromatics

  • Yifan Wang
  • Jiasong Li
  • Aimin Liu
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  1. 60 Years of Oxygen Activation


Molecular oxygen is utilized in numerous metabolic pathways fundamental for life. Mononuclear nonheme iron-dependent oxygenase enzymes are well known for their involvement in some of these pathways, activating O2 so that oxygen atoms can be incorporated into their primary substrates. These reactions often initiate pathways that allow organisms to use stable organic molecules as sources of carbon and energy for growth. From the myriad of reactions in which these enzymes are involved, this perspective recounts the general mechanisms of aromatic dihydroxylation and oxidative ring cleavage, both of which are ubiquitous chemical reactions found in life-sustaining processes. The organic substrate provides all four electrons required for oxygen activation and insertion in the reactions mediated by extradiol and intradiol ring-cleaving catechol dioxygenases. In contrast, two of the electrons are provided by NADH in the cis-dihydroxylation mechanism of Rieske dioxygenases. The catalytic nonheme Fe center, with the aid of active site residues, facilitates these electron transfers to O2 as key elements of the activation processes. This review discusses some general questions for the catalytic strategies of oxygen activation and insertion into aromatic compounds employed by mononuclear nonheme iron-dependent dioxygenases. These include: (1) how oxygen is activated, (2) whether there are common intermediates before oxygen transfer to the aromatic substrate, and (3) are these key intermediates unique to mononuclear nonheme iron dioxygenases?

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Catalytic strategies Crystal structure High-valent iron species Metabolism Nonheme iron enzymes Oxidative degradation Reactive oxygen species Ring-cleaving dioxygenase Spectroscopy 



The research in our laboratory is supported by the National Science Foundation Grants CHE-1623856 and MCB-0843537, the National Institutes of Health Grants GM107529, GM108988, and MH107985, and the Lutcher Brown Distinguished Chair Endowment fund. We thank Professors Lawrence Que, Jr. and John Lipscomb for helpful discussions of the catalytic mechanisms and editing of the text.


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