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Measurement uncertainty in microbiological cultivation methods


Microbiological analyses are carried out on clinical, food, feed and environmental samples. The aims of the analyses are diagnostic or estimation of the safety or the quality of the sample. Important decisions are made on the basis of microbiological analyses. Little attention, however, is paid to the uncertainty of measurement of microbiological analyses. In microbiological cultivation techniques the result is obtained by counting individual objects. The normally low number of counted objects strongly affects the result of the analysis and its uncertainty. Because of the importance of the particle statistical variation to the uncertainty, the approaches developed for chemical analyses are not directly applicable to microbiology. This paper discusses microbial analyses and describes a novel guidance document for the estimation of measurement uncertainty in culturing methods [1].

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Received: 7 October 2000 Accepted: 8 March 2001

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Niemi, R., Niemelä, S. Measurement uncertainty in microbiological cultivation methods. Accred Qual Assur 6, 372–375 (2001).

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