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Target measurement uncertainties for results of chemical measurements in Slovenia

Part I. Legislation related to quality of food
  • Nineta MajcenEmail author
  • Ivan Skubic
  • Paul De Bièvre
Policies and Concepts


Target measurement uncertainties (TMUs), which should be achieved in chemical measurements, are proposed. Such TMUs are intended to set goals for measurement laboratories and could provide independent and objective criteria for laboratory assessors verifying the measurement capability of laboratories. A TMU is specified relative to a stated metrological reference for the measurand concerned. TMUs are common and objective, but are external criteria for both the measurement laboratories and their assessors. They are decided on the basis of the intended use of the measurement result, not evaluated as is the case for measurement uncertainty. The concept of TMU is illustrated by means of desirable applications in food measurements in Slovenia.


Measurement uncertainty Measurements in chemistry Quality of food Technical legislation 



The detailed analysis of Slovenian legislation related to measurements of food products, performed by Ms Špela Župerl, is highly appreciated. The authors are thankful also to Vida Žnidaršič-Pongrac, M. Sc., Mojca Božiček and Alenka Vojvodič for sharing their experience and expert knowledge related to some of the issues discussed in this paper.

Critical reading by B Hibbert (University of New South Wales, Australia) is gratefully acknowledged.


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  1. 1.Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (MIRS)Laboratory Centre CeljeCeljeSlovenia

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