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Guest Editor’s Introduction

  • Alistair SutcliffeEmail author

This special issue contains three of the best papers from the 15th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference held in Delhi, India in October 2007. The papers highlight the different traditions of RE research giving a good state-of-the-art summary ranging from rigorous tool-driven RE and less formal process oriented approaches.

The first paper from Duan et al. (which won the conference best paper award), reflects the growing interest in natural language processing techniques in requirements analysis, prioritisation and management. This paper is the most recent in a series from Cleland Huang and colleagues that have applied information extraction/natural language processing techniques to requirements management. In this paper they use text similarity matching and clustering algorithms to group related requirements. The requirements can be clustered according to use cases, business goals or non-functional requirements to give different views on prioritisation, depending on...


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