Amino Acids

, Volume 47, Issue 4, pp 729–734

FRET-based analysis of protein-nucleic acid interactions by genetically incorporating a fluorescent amino acid

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Protein–nucleic acid interaction is an important process in many biological phenomena. In this study, a fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based protein–DNA binding assay has been developed, in which a fluorescent amino acid is genetically incorporated into a DNA-binding protein. A coumarin-containing amino acid was incorporated into a DNA-binding protein, and the mutant protein specifically produced a FRET signal upon binding to its cognate DNA labeled with a fluorophore. The protein–DNA binding affinity was then measured under equilibrium conditions. This method is advantageous for studying protein-nucleic acid interactions, because it is performed under equilibrium conditions, technically easy, and applicable to any nucleic acid-binding protein.


Protein–DNA interaction Unnatural amino acids Fluorescence resonance energy transfer 

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