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Erratum to: The role of taurine in renal disorders

  • Xiaobin Han
  • Russell W. ChesneyEmail author

Erratum to: Amino Acids (2012) 43:2249–2263 DOI 10.1007/s00726-012-1314-y

This article is part of the Special Issue “Clinical significance of taurine” edited by S. Schaffer while it was published already in print in Volume 43, Issue 6.


This article examines the actions of taurine on models of renal dysfunction, the potential mechanisms of taurine action and the possible clinical significance of these findings. Our laboratory has written previously on the role of taurine in renal function and we have focused upon the normal physiology of the kidney and on the mechanisms and regulation of the renal transport of taurine. This review is a distinct change of emphasis in that we describe a number of studies which have evaluated various aspects of renal dysfunction, including hypertension and proteinuria, specific glomerular and tubular disorders, acute and chronic renal conditions, urinary tract conditions including infection and nephrolithiasis, and diabetic nephropathy. The subject of chronic kidney disease and renal trans- plantation will also be examined relative to b amino acid. The studies evaluated will be mainly recent ones, recog- nizing that older reviews of the role of taurine in the kidney are available.


Taurine · Renal function · Glomerular nephritis · Acute kidney injury · Diabetic nephropathy · Chronic kidney disease

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  1. 1.Department of PediatricsThe University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and the Children’s Foundation Research Institute at Le Bonheur Children’s HospitalMemphisUSA

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