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Lipid nitration and formation of lipid-protein adducts: biological insights

  • A. Trostchansky
  • H. Rubbo
Review Article


Lipid-protein adducts are formed during oxidative and nitrative stress conditions associated with increasing lipid and protein oxidation and nitration. The focus of this review is the analysis of interactions between oxidative-modified lipids and proteins and how lipid nitration can modulate lipid-protein adducts formation. For this, two biologically-relevant models will be analysed: a) human low density lipoprotein, whose oxidation is involved in the early steps of atherogenesis, and b) α-synuclein/lipid membranes system, where lipid-protein adducts are being associated with the develop of Parkinson disease and other synucleinopathies.

Keywords: Lipid oxidation – Nitrated lipid – Peroxynitrite – Lipid-protein adduct – Nitric oxide – Free radicals – α-Synuclein – Low density lipoprotein 


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  • H. Rubbo
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  1. 1.Departamento de Bioquímica and Center for Free Radical and Biomedical Research, Facultad de MedicinaUniversidad de la RepúblicaMontevideoUruguay

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