Plasma Dynamic Viscosity Determined by NMR


A nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) based experimental procedure to determine the dynamic viscosity (η) in blood plasma solutions is presented. An equation relating η and the transverse proton magnetic relaxation rate (\(1/T_{2}\)) is obtained after considering plasma an extremely diluted water solution of albumin with no long range hydrodynamics interactions among macromolecules, and a fast exchange of water molecules between the free and associated water. Carr–Purcell–Meiboom–Gill pulse sequence was used to measure the transverse proton magnetic relaxation time (T2) in a magnetic resonance console coupled to one homogeneous magnetic system (0.095 T). A η value of 1.68 ± 0.08 mPa s was obtained in 20 control samples, which statistically matched the value obtained in the same samples using an Ostwald viscometer (1.61 ± 0.04 mPa s). η was determined in 172 patients with multiple myeloma (2.47 ± 0.15 mPa s) and 72 with sickle cell disease (2.45 ± 0.24 mPa s) showing a statistically significant increase over the control individuals. The results show the utility of this NMR method to estimate dynamic viscosity in plasma for medical purposes, and a comparison with other methods is done.

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This work has been supported by the Belgian Development Cooperation through VLIR-UOS (Flemish Interuniversity Council-University Cooperation for Development) in the context of the Institutional University Cooperation program with Universidad de Oriente. The authors also want to thank the MRI RESEARCH CENTRE of the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada, for all the support received to finalize this work.

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