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Electron Spin Resonance Imaging Probes and a Sample Holder for Thin and Long One-Dimensional Samples


Most electron spin resonance (ESR) experiments involve the use of samples that can be easily placed in millimeter-size tubes and measured efficiently in conventional resonators. However, in some cases, the samples must remain intact, due to which conventional commercial resonators may not be suitable to measure them. Here, we describe a set of three resonators, which can be combined and incorporated as part of a 1-D continuous wave ESR imaging probe to measure and image very thin (~50–500 μm) and very long (~10–30 mm) objects. The dielectric resonators we employ make it possible to greatly enhance spin sensitivity per unit of length––compared to the use of a rectangular ESR cavity, at ~9.3 GHz. In addition, a special sample holder was developed to facilitate the handling and measurement of such thin and long delicate objects, which in our case are the Arabidopsis roots. A detailed design of the resonators, imaging probe, and the sample holder is provided, along with experimental results for the resonator properties, its spin sensitivity, and imaging capability.

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This work was partially supported by grant no. 213/09 from the Israeli Science Foundation, grant no. 2009401 from the BSF foundation, and grant no. 201665 from the European Research Council (ERC). We acknowledge Prof. Kuppusamy from Dartmouth College for supplying us with the PTM-TC radical and Dr. Avishay Mor and Prof. Fluhr from Weizmann Institute of Science for providing us with the Arabidopsis roots.

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